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The itsBIGGERthantheball podcast with Coach Kyle Adams

May 20, 2019

Jen Fry is the founder of JenFryTalks, a social justice education firm who uses conversation to educate and empower those within athletics through an anti-racist lens on issues of race, inclusion, intersectionality, diversity, and equity. A veteran volleyball coach, Jen has over 15 years of experience at the collegiate level with coaching stints at Elon University, Washington State University, and Norfolk State University and the University of Illinois - where her team was 2011 NCAA Runner-up.

We speak with Jen about:

Her childhood in Alaska 

-What drew her to coaching? 

- Leaving coaching and starting JenFryTalks

- Why aren't more of today's coaches using their platform to impact social activism

-Some ways coaches can become more culturally competent

-Steps coaches can take to build individuals and teams that have a sense of social justice

- Data on hiring trends in college athletics 

-The power of listening and much more