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The itsBIGGERthantheball podcast with Coach Kyle Adams

Jun 3, 2019

This weeks guests are Lizette and William Goodloe are the Founders of Behind The Whistle Coaches Symposium.
Behind the Whistle is an education training and development company focused on sports education with a specific interest in the development of interscholastic and intercollegiate coaches and athletes. 
They host the Behind The Whistle symposium designed to provide educators with the tools necessary for the holistic development of athletes. Their goal is to create collaborative learning opportunities for educators, administrators, and practitioners to create meaningful solutions to current and future issues in sport and society. The 2019 symposium examines good, better, best practices for socially conscious coaching.
Lizette and Will share about:
Being the "Ruby Dee and Ossie Davis" of coaching development.
What led them to start Behind the Whistle? 
Their experience speaking at this year's Black Student-Athlete Summitt and much more...