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The itsBIGGERthantheball podcast with Coach Kyle Adams

Apr 22, 2019

This week we wanted to call an audible and switch up from our usual interview with a coach. When we created this medium, our intent was to not only share stories of those in the coaching profession but also share information and resources that can help to further and expand the realm of what we provide as coaches. Enter Umar Riggs of Riggs Web Design. Umar has worked with industry leaders such as Nike, Apple, Coca Cola, Anheuser Bush, and Vitamin Water. Umar shares about the importance of coaches understanding that regardless of who, why, and where you coach, You are a business. He talks about the process of creating a website and how it speaks to the narrative you are looking to create for your philosophy, program, and personal brand. 

As a customer of Riggs Web Design, I share about my journey to creating a web presence for itsBIGGERthantheball, LLC and the amazing work RWD has done to bring it fruition. 

If you have been considering creating a website and furthering your personal brand, you don't want to miss this informative interview with the ultra-talented Umar Riggs.  

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